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About Image Rendering

What is "Rendering" or to "Render" in 3D?

Sometimes you may get frustrated when your 3D Artist cant react immediately to your request because something has to be "Rendered" or is still "Rendering". Ok, you have to understand that
"Rendering" can be a noun and a verb. A "3D Rendering" needs to be "Rendered".
The artist sets up a 3D Scene, which can be complex in itself and the computer needs to process out the final artwork. The time it takes can vary from a few minutes for a rough preview to many hours or even days for a high-resolution image. So even though the artist may have taken only 10 minutes to make a minor change to the scene the computer will need much longer to provide the high-quality final image for use in print.
3D Animations require significantly more rendering power as they are actually comprised of many renderings played back in sequence. This is when we utilize power Render Farms to process out the work.
Imagine if it takes 1 hour to make one rendering, but an animation of ten seconds requires 250 renderings!


The client of a 3D artist is often uptight about the rendering times, although the artist can be even more so. Each year the computers get faster but we also strive for higher quality in our work, so
for the time being we will have to tolerate a but of "Render Time" in our lives – but then sometimes we need a coffee or lunch break anyway.



What We Say

pictureWe always say,"3D Rendering is not the skill one can teach or learn,it only can be developed".

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